Awards night and I picked up my engraved plaques

Two trophies which had my name on the engraved plaques
Two out of ten ain’t bad and at our dive awards night I picked up to engraved plaques for best free dive of the year and best underwater snap of the year!

Every year our dive crew get together for our annual awards night. We always have it after Christmas as if we ever try to do anything over the festive period it always goes wrong. This year I was nominated for three of the ten awards we dish out and was lucky (well it was really down to skill but…) enough to win two of them. this year we did the event in Birmingham at a cracking boutique hotel called Malmaison right in the centre.

Two trophies with my name on the engraved plaques and a great night

I love Birmingham its a really cool city and so I was really happy we all collectively decided it was the city of choice for this year. Not much diving to be done but we did all drink like fish so the theme was spot on for our dive awards night. There is talk of next year splashing out (get it) and doing the awards night abroad and I think this is quite likely now as we all seemed up for it when it was muted of this year. We did not have the time to organise that when someone came up with the idea but countries are already being put forward as candidates for 2016.

It makes sense to go away for it too so we can do some diving at the same time so we are looking to do a week long trip and get in some good diving as well as a bit of partying. I want to do Egypt as I think its a happy mix of not too far with good diving. Caribbean was also mentioned but I think price will put that one to bed at least for the next couple of years.

This year though the night was a cracker and I was up for best free dive which we always do at least two competitions a year for, best underwater snap and deepest dive. I was only just pipped to the post for deepest dive by Miles but I did pick up best free dive and best picture for a snap I took on a holiday with my family to the Maldives. It was a good place to get a decent snap to be honest and when I was up against the South Coast of England for Jeff’s picture and Mike’s pic from Spain it was a no contest award.

The Maldives trip got my name on one of the engraved plaques

The Maldives was awesome and the diving was amazing and I have to thank that holiday for an easy trophy win. With two trophies with my name on the engraved plaques and a brilliant night out this year was my best to date and I am already looking forward to winning more this year!

free bets on the London derby

I have used free bets on the Arsenal
Game on this weekend as my Beloved Arsenal take on our noisy neighbours Spurs and I just made my free bets on the London derby 2015! i cannot wait for Saturday as we need this win to put the pressure on the Saints and Man Utd. If we win it and Southampton lose then we are back in the Champions league positions, if we lose and Southampton lose then its Tottenham who leap frog us both into that 4th spot.
Its tight at the top and we have got to make a last stand if this season is not going to turn out to be another disaster. Spurs have been good but surely they can’t hope to finish above us even if Kane is scoring for fun at the moment. That does worry me a bit I have to say as our defence is as shaky as ever and as yet again we have not strengthened the side as we all felt we should have.

Free bets on some of the other games

As well as a big punt on the gunners I also did a super 6 with Skybet I have gone for a Chelsea away win against Villa which was a total no brainer. Second the mighty gunners followed by Man City, Crystal Palace, Liverpool and then on Sunday Newcastle make up the 6.
There are a couple of dead certs for me in the list Man City will surely smash Hull into oblivion and I think Newcastle will have too much for Stoke but Liverpool away to Everton could go either way. Everton have been poor of late but this is always as fierce as our own derby and with Martinez keen to get back to winning ways sharpish who knows.
Palace are away to Leicester but they have looked decent last few times out and I think they will have bags of confidence going into this one.
With so much riding on every singe game its a must win for loads of teams this weekend and thats what makes these super 6 bets so exciting, you just never know.

More than just Free bets

This weekend is so much more than the betting its life or death for us. We have to find a way of stopping both Kane and the super in form Erikson who has really impressed me although I would not admit that to the boys at the weekend. If we can find a way of stopping those two boys getting anywhere near the ball then I am sure we will have too much up top for them.
No Sanchez still which is a nightmare but Welbeck should be back so at least we have some options. Whatever happens if we don’t win 4th will be a real struggle we have got back into this race and I will be gutted if my free bets on the gunners was a wasted bet and Spurs get the bragging rights for the season.