About Me

Hello and welcome to my watery world. I am a fanatical watersports fan and spend all of my free time fulfilling my passion for loads of different types of watersports. Whether it on the water or below it I cannot get enough of being in the stuff.

I moved to the coast in 1993 and started surfing and that was the catalyst that fuelled my passion for being involved in anything water related. Since those first jumps on a surf board I have explored many different sports and now an a keen diver, surfer and long distance swimmer. The sea takes up loads of my free time and when I am not doing it for fun I teach at the local dive school at the weekend. I also help out at the local pool but thats just because a friend owns it and I get to go in for free!

By day I work in a sales office and am one of the management team. The office is a fairly relaxed place to be fair and that is kind of my style. We work hard but all like to socialise too and we are always on work nights out for someone’s birthday or special occasion for something.

I am now a qualified dive master and am looking to do more along these lines going forward ultimately I would love to slope off to someone hot and spend my days teaching people to dive and pursuing a career in this. At the moment its a distant dream but who knows what the future may bring for me.

I hope you enjoy the blog and if you do want to comment please feel free. All watersports fanatics are very welcome and if you want to share experiences then please also feel free to do so.

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